The industrialised world
Industrialisation of the world has brought about many social and economic changes in the past few centuries. The petroleum refinery today is one such example where crude oil can be distilled and separated, in large scale, into many products, such as gasoline, kerosene, diesel, lubricating oil, white oil, wax, petroleum jelly, and etc. These products have in turn become important source of energy, and raw materials for the manufacturing of a vase variety of semi-finished and finished products.


Using them right
The advancement in social and economy situation, coupled with stronger competition, have demanded today's manufacturers to be highly innovative and efficient in their production process, starting from the proper selection of quality and consistent raw materials.

The use of inferior or inconsistent raw materials very often results in one or more of the following problems:
Inconsistent finished product quality
Reduced productivity
Damaged equipment / machinery
Worker's frustration
Health, safety and environment issues
We are here for you
As a partner to our valued customers, we take pride in helping our customers increase their productivity and competitiveness through the following practices:
Work closely with users to understand their raw materials needs
Recommend most suitable materials
Monitor the performance of the materials, fine tuning them when necessary
Keeping stocks to ensure timely delivery
Upgrade our technical know-how and share our knowledge and experiences with them
Commit to a long term partnership, and delivery high standard, consistent and quality products

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